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Triple Crown


We offer horse feed and supplements with high-quality ingredients. With Purina horse feed you can find what's best for your horses.  Top Notch Feed carries Equine Senior, Impact, Omolene, Strategy, Ultium, and more. Find yours today.


The Hubbard® Life Equine line of products is nutritionally balanced to meet the requirements of your horse.  Whether your horses are competing for ribbons, riding trails or happy with hugs, they’ll thrive with Hubbard® Life.


Your horse is your world. BUCKEYE® Nutrition understands because we’re passionate about horses, too.  A family-owned, single-plant company since 1910, BUCKEYE® Nutrition is committed to developing an extensive line of high-quality, solution-based feeds that help your horse thrive.


Hueber Equine feeds are manufactured at our Holcomb Feed Mill and are uniquely formulated for a sweet non-sticky texture that is bulk bin friendly. Designed with Hubbard life Feeds formulation and technology to ensure a high quality vitamin and mineral levels and provide essential amino acids.


The ultimate goal is to ensure each individual horse receives the required amount of nutrients for its needs. It is impossible to feed many classes of horses, from the fat easy keeper to the thin performance horse, the same type of feed and expect to meet the vitamin and mineral requirements. The vitamins and minerals received in the quantity of feed must be determined and additional must be top-dressed if required to meet the individual’s needs. 


Our mission is to continually strengthen that bond with simple, effective and innovative horse care solutions that help make every moment of your life together safer, healthier and more enjoyable. Widely recognized as the leader in quality horse care products, Farnam offers an ever-expanding range of equine essentials. These include fly & insect control, dewormers, grooming, hoof & leg care, wound care treatments, leather care, stable supplies and nutritional supplements.

Manna Pro

America's favorite horse treats just got better! Our new, small wafer size is ideal for training or rewarding as it conveniently fits in your pocket. Manna Pro Apple Wafers & Peppermint Wafers are so delicious, your horse won't be able to resist the taste.

Cowboy Magic

When performance counts - You want your horse looking its best... what do you do? Use Cowboy Magic grooming products!


The world’s #1 horse hair detangler and grooming aid

Uniquely formulated to provide a healthy shine and make grooming easier, ShowSheen® Hair Polish & Detangler is not only an excellent horse hair detangler for snarled manes and tails, it’s also incredibly versatile. 

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