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Taste of the Wild

Your pets crave a taste of the wild. Go ahead and give them one.  Taste of the Wild produces premium, grain-free pet formulas that are based on your pet’s ancestral diet. All of our formulas rely on ingredients like quality meats and probiotics that maximize the nutritional health benefits for your pets.

It’s the balanced diet that nature intended.


We take a natural approach to cat food nutrition, offering a line of holistic cat food products for your feline friend.Wholesome, nutrient-rich vegetables and fruits, and a precise blend of essential vitamins and minerals are carefully combined to provide a highly palatable, healthy diet for your cat. Every ingredient is formulated to provide proper nutrition to every part of your cat's system for optimal overall health and total physical well-being.


Purina offers formulas designed for your cat's unique needs and products that fit within your lifestyle. We'll help you find the perfect match.

Collars, Treats, and more

Greenies, Toys, Safe Cat Breakaway collars, ZoGuard Plus, Cat Trees

Litter and Litter Pans

Cat Tails, Easy Clean, sWheat Scoop, Tidy Cat, PetMate, Nature's Miracle

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