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Lamb, Sheep & Goats


We offer several different product lines to fit the needs of all sheep owners from hobby farms to larger farms to show lambs.  Products include Hubbard Life, Show Rite, Lamb Starter, Goat and Lamb Milk Replacer.


  • 20% Lamb Starter-Texturized

  • 16% Sheep, custom mix

  • 32% Sheep Pellet

  • 16% Goat Feed

  • Show Rite Duncan Grower

Manna Pro

  • Goat Mineral

  • Goat Treats

  • Goat DeWormer

Meiss Feeds

Meiss Feed and Supply's mission is to provide livestock owners with cost effective, high performance livestock related products and knowledge that fulfill their operational needs; through exceptional service and product development.

  • Goat Buffet - 16%

  • Kid Buffet

  • Locating Ewe Feed

  • Lamb Buffet - 16%

  • Sheep Buffet-Bova

  • Starting Kid Buffet

  • Starting Lamb Buffet


  • Cashton 16% Goat Feed


  • Purina Goat Chow

  • Purina Goat Chow Mineral

  • Purina Honor Show Lamb Grower

  • Purina Sheep Mineral

  • Purina Wind & Rain Sheep Mineral


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