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Milk Replacers

  • Evolve 28/15 - maximize performance

  • Hubbard Calf Beginner 2/20 - all milk w/ DX & MOS

  • NRV 20/20 All Milk

  • NRV 28/14

  • NRV 28/15

  • Purina Full Potential 28/20 (BOVi and MOS)

  • Purina Jersey 

  • Purina Performance 25/17

Heifer Starter & Grower

  • ADM Legendary Heifer Mineral

  • ADM-Madison 38% Dairy

  • Economy Mill 14% Heifer Grower

  • Economy Mill 18% Heifer Grower

  • Economy Mill 22% Calf Starter

  • Hueber Calf Starter 18%

  • Hubbard One Step 16% Grower

  • NRV Evolve Smart Starter

  • Purina Ampli Calf Grower 18%

  • Purina Ampli Calf Starter 22%

  • Purina Ampli Calf Jersey 22%

Crystalyx Brand Supplements

  • BRIGADE® supplement is designed for self-fed feeding to calves, growing cattle, and mature beef breeding cattle fed moderate to high protein forages. Brigade® is fortified with electrolytes and high levels of vitamins and trace minerals to help overcome nutritional stress associated with shipping, weaning, rapid growth rates, late gestation and early lactation.  Self-fed consumption will depend on size of animals fed, as well as quality, source and availability of other feeds.

  • Close-Up Formula™ is a self-fed supplement containing chelated/organic trace minerals and anionic salts. It is designed to be fed in addition to a balanced dry cow ration three weeks before calving. Close-Up Formula™ is well suited for use in herds or conditions where milk fever and hypocalcemia are likely to occur.

  • Dairy-lyx® is a unique, nutrient dense supplement formulated with a blend of molasses (sugars), protein, yeast culture and B vitamins to aid in maximizing rumen function, promote fiber digestion and help stimulate the appetite of cows off feed.

  • Dry Cow™ Formula is a self-fed supplement designed for use in addition to a balanced ration for dry cows. Dry Cow™ Formula is fortified with vitamins, minerals and trace minerals to aid in reducing metabolic disorders and subsequent rebreeding problems.

  • Replacement Heifer™ Formula is a nutrient dense, self-fed protein and mineral supplement formulated for the growing heifer.  As part of a balanced feeding program, Replacement Heifer™ Formula will provide needed trace minerals, vitamins, added energy and protein for the developing heifer.

  • Transition Stress Formula™ is a nutrient dense, self-fed supplement fortified with high levels of vitamins, minerals and yeast culture specifically formulated for high stress periods experienced by dairy cows and calves.  Uniform intake of these key nutrients and ingredients are essential for high-producing dairy cows to make a healthy and productive transition as a dry cow through freshening.

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